Ceramic Pro – Drive A Brand New Car…Permanently!

Ceramic pro is one of the most durable treatments in Detailing. It is no longer a protective layer on the surface of the varnish such as carnaubas or even synthetic waxes, but truly products that aim to combine with the outer surface of the varnish to form a new layer, extremely dense, smoothing microscopic imperfections of the surface condition, in order to form a very durable protective barrier.

This is a treatment designed to protect the vehicle’s paint and maintain its appearance for a long time. Because of its hardness, the protective layer provided by a nano coating has a scratch resistance that is much greater than any wax or sealant can offer. In addition, the durability of ceramic pro car coating is also exceptional, which means that neither acid rain, automatic car washes, nor insect or rust cleaners will affect the effectiveness of this protective layer.

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What are the advantages of a ceramic pro coating?

– The main reason for laying a ceramic wax is the desire to protect his vehicle (body, rims) for several years. The treatments have a durability of between 12 and 36 months (depending on the product used, and especially the maintenance of it during the following years).

– Obtaining a totally hydrophobic surface, which repels water and contaminations very easily to facilitate daily washes. The brilliance is also increased tenfold.

– High resistance to chemicals. Unlike natural or synthetic waxes, ceramics do not disappear after the simple use of a strong shampoo or a degreaser. Be careful not to do it too often,

– Ability to mask light swirls (swirls, very small microrayures) and prevent their reappearance.

How to put a ceramic protection?

Yes, laying a ceramic has a lot of benefits. Unfortunately it is not easy and requires optimal application conditions. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, leave your car to a professional.

– A room
– No wind or dust
– Good light

1) Once the first steps of a renovation have been carried out (pre-washing, washing, rims, decontamination, polishing) done you can proceed to the laying of a ceramic. The first step is to pass a cleaner on the entire body (Eraser from Carpro for example) to remove all oils and other contamination resulting from polishing. Without this step the ceramic will not cling to the varnish.

2) Laying the ceramic in crossed passes. A few drops are applied to the applicator and then the first vertical and second passes horizontally superimposed.

3) Exposure time between 2 and 5 minutes depending on the outdoor temperature. 2 minutes are enough for a temperature of twenty degrees.

4) Wipe METICULOUS with a microfiber. Do not leave marks, after 15 minutes a polishing is necessary to remove the traces so be very careful.

5) No contact with water and dust in the next 24 hours.

How to maintain a vehicle protected with ceramics?

In order to prolong the protection for as long as possible it is necessary to maintain the vehicle. The simplest thing is to pass a sealant in spray like the Reload of Carpro or the C2v3 Gtechniq a few hours after the pose, 3 months – 6 months and 9 months after.

It is very important to maintain your vehicle with mild and non-aggressive products. For example, when washing a karcher use that water and not aggressive shampoos washing stations. If this is respected you will get a durable and very resistant protection!

GOLD Package

4 Layers



4 Layers 9H

1 layer light

*up to*  2 steps of polishing

Coat wheel faces

Limited lifetime warranty. 

SILVER Package




  • 1 layer 9h
  • 1 layer Light *up to*  2 steps of polishing
  • Coat wheel faces
  • 5 year warranty. 

BRONZE Package

1 Layer



1 layer Light *up to*  2 steps of polishing

Coat wheel faces

2 year warranty. 

SPORT Package

1 Layer



1 layer sport wash

clay bar (No polish)

Outlast sealants by 50%

6 Month Warranty.